Rugal (2020)

Rugal (2020)

Other name: 루갈 Lugal


Kang Ki Beom is an elite detective. He is currently investigating the criminal organization Argos, but, when he comes home, he finds several men in masks. His wife and child are murdered by the masked men sent from Argos. They beat Kang Ki Beom and cut out both of his eyeballs. When Kang Ki Beom wakes up, he finds himself in the hospital and he is accused of murder. The NIS then approaches Kang Ki Beom. He is selected to become a member of Rugal, a special team organized by the NIS. Through biotechnology, he gains two artificial eyeballs with a special ability. Kang Ki Beom and the Rugal team set out to take down criminal organizations.

Director: Kang Cheol Woo [강철우]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Action; Crime; Drama; Sci-fi; Thriller;

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